A Little History About Legacy HCR

Being a 4th generation HVAC Technician and possessing over 40 years of experience in the *local heating, cooling and refrigeration industry, Mr. Hill is available to affect repairs, replacement, and installation services for a variety of *HVAC systems in and around the La Plata County, Colorado area.

To accomplish this, he's developed a unique and refreshing approach towards HVAC services that are designed to keep open lines of communication open at all times, amongst everyone involved.

For instance, one of the most common problems that plague any service company is miscommunication between the field technicians and those staff in the office and by proxy, the client who is being served as well - any hiccup or omitted bit of information has the potential to impede the project.

Here at Legacy HCR, I've eliminated any of those potential mishaps by working directly with each client, which ultimately all-but guarantees your HVAC project is a success!