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A building's air conditioning system regardless of the property size is on a commercial, residential, or industrial scale, is an integral part of the entire property's homeostasis and livability. Responsible for not only distributing treated (cooled) air throughout the premises but also for just overall air circulation in general, air conditioning systems have been and will remain an instrumental component of a property, advancements to technology, systems, and units notwithstanding.

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Cooling & A/C Site Assessment(s)

When it comes to installing or upgrading a property's air conditioning system, it's essential for our specialized HVAC technicians to have the opportunity to visit the property that is requiring air conditioning services in order to properly map out the design (if needed) & become acquainted with the air conditioning project altogether. When our A/C technicians are able to visit the commercial or residential property that is in need of air conditioning services, you can rest assured their mastery of the HVAC industry will quickly allow them to isolate any A/C system issues, map-out a properly rendered design, or develop a plan of action if additional services are needed.

Cooling & A/C Inspection(s)

Whether the air conditioning system in question is a part of a new construction project or if the existing air conditioning system is requiring an inspection to ensure that the property's A/C unit is running at peak performance, our in-house HVAC gurus here at Legacy HCR are highly skilled at identifying and diagnosing any potential or pertinent issues, addressing component swapping (if necessary), and each A/C inspection we are recruited for and tasked with completing is done so with under the guidelines and standards that are required for all commercial, residential, commercial, or agricultural properties here in the great state of Colorado.

Cooling & A/C Repair(s)

Air conditioning systems and units, by and large, are designed nowadays with performance, optimal cooling, and long-term service at the forefront of their manufacturing model, however, even the soundest of A/C system units, sporting the leading parts & components, will eventually wear out, become obsolete, and ultimately need to be professionally repaired. In order to keep your property cool throughout those warmer summer months here in Durango Colorado, we strongly encourage you, our valued client, to reach out to us if your air conditioning units, system, or circulation are experiencing inefficiencies or if you have additional questions about our air conditioning unit & system repair services.


Cooling & A/C Installation(s)

Having been one of the leading HVAC companies here in Durango Colorado that specializes in both commercial & residential air conditioning systems for over four decades has afforded our company, Legacy HCR with the tremendous opportunity to become well-versed in quality & affordable A/C installation services with many of the major brands & suppliers available. Many of our clients' properties, both larger-scale, commercial air conditioning units as well as smaller-sized, residential A/C units, have both benefited enormously from contracting our professional A/C installation experts to oversee their air conditioning installation through our punctuality & unbeatable affordability.

Cooling & A/C Replacement(s)

Taking into account the multiple "moving parts" and complexities that even the most modest of air conditioning systems require in order to properly circulate, cool, and treat the air of a property, its an unfortunate aspect of the HVAC industry (more specifically the A/C sector) that parts and components that comprise the air conditioning system will eventually need to be replaced to extend the longevity of the A/C system and unit(s). Regardless of the size or scale of the air conditioning system, be it for a commercial OR residential property, our HVAC and A/C technicians are experts in replacing a majority of the major air conditioning systems that are designed for commercial and residential air treatment, as well as their corresponding parts & components.

Cooling & A/C Maintenance

As most business owners and homeowners are familiar with, footing the bill for air conditioning repairs or A/C unit replacements on air conditioning systems that have faltered or otherwise defected have a tendency to become very, very expensive; not to mention extremely inconvenient for the owner. Which is why, with our customer's peace of mind and their budget in mind, we are ecstatic to now offer our professional HVAC experience and A/C units & systems mastery on a preventative basis. For every air conditioning unit or A/C system we've had to replace, we've tuned-up or maintained ten in its place, thus eliminating costly and unexpected financial strains on our HVAC and A/C clients in the future. Please call ahead for additional details!

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