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To justify our claim of being Durango, Colorado's most experienced HVAC contractors specializing in heating coverage for commercial, residential, AND industrial properties, we are proud to provide our all in-inclusive approach regarding HVAC and cooling services towards our heating coverage as well!

With customer satisfaction and affordable heating services being an integral part of our company's foundation, you can rest assured that what capacity you enlist our HVAC services notwithstanding, that your property's heating system is receiving professional care and management.

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Heating & Furnace Repair Service(s)

Extending the life of your home or office's heating unit is equally as important as maximizing its overall output versus energy-consumption ratio and our in-house specialists and heating technicians here at Legacy HCR are skilled at providing coverage for both! If your residential or commercial property is experiencing noticeable energy loss or heating efficiency, it's likely due to a faulty heater that has fallen victim to time, general wear & tear or overworking. We offer our heating repairs on an "as needed" basis, scheduled upkeep, or emergencyheating services, as a matter of convenience to you, our preferred clientele here in Durango Colorado.

Heating & Furnace Replacement(s)

As a part of our expertise concerning heating repairs, we are often tasked with replacing heating components and full-system upgrades in order to ensure our clients' homes, businesses, or properties are adequately warmed with treated air. Whether you have a split-system or central heating, our skilled HVAC technicians are experts at identifying, isolating, and rectifying any heating and furnace replacements that may be needed when addressing yourheating system's problems. As with all of our HVAC services, ourheating coverage is applied using proven HVAC techniques, methods, and practices to ensure your heating system is replaced safely and correctly.

Heating & Furnace Installation(s)

By and large, heating installations for residential, commercial, or industrial properties should generally be completed at the hands of licensed, trained HVAC professionals; much like the talented technicians under our employ here at Legacy HCR. Our reputation in the HVAC industry, and more importantly, our local community here in Durango Colorado, is something that we take tremendous pride in. Our masterful HVAC technicians are renowned for going the extra mile on each and every heating system project we are recruited to perform on all commercial, industrial, or residential properties & buildings.


Heating & Furnace System Design(s)

With over four decades (and counting!) of first-hand experience in a variety of heating systems, it's no wonder why so many of our residential and commercial clients opt to take advantage of our world-class system designs. Combining our years of HVAC & heating experience with a penchant for ingenuity, the heating systems we are tasked with designing here in Durango Colorado are without peer in terms of quality, system-efficiency, performance, & affordability. If you have additional questions regarding our heating system designs or would like to schedule an assessment, please reach out to our HVAC specialists as soon as possible!

Heating & Furnace Inspection(s)

In order to deduce whether a heating system is in need of replacing, repairing, or maintenance, it is essential to first have a professional inspection performed on the unit or system in question. This not only eliminates any erroneous diagnostics or troubleshooting but it also provides a very clearly defined path for our heating repairmen here at Legacy HCR to service the heating system. Clients, both prospective and current, please take note: many of our other residential and commercial customers here in Durango, Colorado and the surrounding areas choose to incorporate routine heating inspections to supplement our routine HVAC maintenance and upkeep services we offer - please call for additional details!

Heating & Furnace System Upgrade(s)

If your heating unit was a top-of-the-line top of the line model or if it has become a bit outdated and in need of some serious TLC, the heating system upgrades our HVAC specialists we employ at Legacy HCR are renowned for providing are unequaled because of their innovation, cost-efficiency, and punctuality. For instance, when we experience an inclement cold-front here in Durango, Colorado and your current heating unit is subpar or in disrepair, it can result in not only discomfort for the duration of the cold-spell but it can actually result in a very substantial utility or electricity bill that could have otherwise been prevented through the world-class heating upgrades we're famous for.

Boiler Systems
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By specific design, the technology behind most boiler systems is a desginated heating system for air and/or water that maximizes energy (heat) output whilst minimizing the energy (electricity or natural gas) consumed in order to achieve a desireable temperature throughout a structure or property. How this is accomplished is through dispersing or "spreading out" the elements that are responsible for treating (heating) the air or water through a series of sealed pipes and specialty conduits. Most heating systems that do not feature the heating technology require tremendous amounts of energy (electricity and/or natural gas) to continuously treat the air or water of a property and it often results in equally robust utlitity bills in return.

How Can The Heating Experts At Legacy HCR Help?

Our teams of dedicated heating professionals have spent decades repairing, upgrading, installing, and servicing a variety of heating systems, furnaces, and boiler systems; much to the relief of our fellow Colorado locals and to the chagrin of our HVAC (heating & cooling) competitiors! Whether your particular property is already updated with a modernized boiler system that is need of repairs, replacements, or general maintenance or if you are endeavoring to revamp your property's heating system by upgrading to a boiler system, you can rest assured that when you invest in the heating expertise offered by our in-house heating specialists that you invest in the future!

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