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Refrigeration in Durango Colorado has unique issues that require professional experience. Whether you run a restaurant, grocery store, or manufacturing plant; health inspectors will not accept unsafe food temperatures, and losing product will run your costs through the roof. You need a Refrigeration company who understands and can deliver professional results in a timely manner. We handle all repairs, installation and maintenance issues that may arise and stand by our work.

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Refrigeration Installation(s)

When your business needs 20 tons of equipment lifted into place and functioning within 24 hours, you need professionals who have been there before. Are you starting or expanding a restaurant? We work with a number of small and large restaurants in Durango Colorado and can handle every situation.

Refrigeration Repair(s)

It’s Friday night and your ice machine stopped making ice, or its the day of the big sale and all your coolers are warming thousands of dollars in product. You need professionals to get things up and running now. Give the experts at Legacy HCR a call to get you back up and running efficiently again.

Refrigeration Maintenance

Commercial environments like a restaurant or grocery store need refrigeration running at all times. After more than 40 years of experience we have seen it all and then some. With Legacy HCR on a regular maintenance program that is unique to the property, we will be there before the problem even happens.

Ductless & Mini Split Systems

One of the more popular options for our local clients who are trying to still adequately treat their property's air without investing too heavily into monthly utility biils is to explore the wealth of options available with ductless & mini split systems. Our in-house refrigeration specialists are often tasked with installing, repairing, or upgrading a variety of split system units and/or ductless systems as well as providing valuable feedback as to whether or not one of the particular systems is a viable soultion for their air treatment problems.


The Inherent Benefits Of Using Ductless & Mini Split Systems For Air Treatment

As the progression in both technological advancements as well as installation and system design techniques reaches previously unfathomable accomplishments in the heating and cooling industry, the need for a local HVAC company that follow suit steadily increases as well. As such, we make it one of our company's "selling points" to be apprised of the latest and greatest in terms of available systems, services, and upgrade options. Whether your particular property's air is currently being treated by a ductless or split system that is in need of repairing/replacing or if upgrading an insufficient, or outdated cooling system is the most viable solution, you may take complete solace in the fact that we represent a locally owned and locally operated HVAC company that actually specializes in the various cooling systems as mentioned above.


Cooling systems that feature ductless or mini split capacities are a proven way to not only save money each month in terms of the property's utility but they also have the added benefit of enjoying an "open system" that allows for easier repairs, componenent replacements, and overall maintenance (if needed).

Quality Air

Considering that the air that permeates through your commercial or residential property is typically laden with dust particles, pathogens & microbes and any other nasty particulars that can wreak havoc on a respiratory system, it's best for business and homeowners alike to to explore the cleanliness benefits that ductless and split mini cooling systems offer.


With the resources (available space & electrical/natural gas consumption) that are needed to operate a split or ductless cooling system being significantly less than a standard air conditioning, it's easy to see why so many Colorado locals choose to upgrade their property's cooling system to ductless or a mini split system.

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